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We promoted over 10000+ on-site interactions.



  • tackiosk
  • Include kiosk based display for event owners to enjoy TacNote® magical experience without complicated configurations

Cloud Portal

  • taccloud
  • Provide unprecedented flexibility, speed of deployment, scalability and the widest array of functionalities along easy user-interface to customize all needs for variety of events

Mobile App

  • tacapp
  • Include mobile applications to throwback event activites, with worry-free about misplacing business cards and product catalogs


Event Management

TacNote allows you to create custom event website. It covers most essential features that you need from small to large events.

  • Import registrations with CSV file
  • Event website embedded with sign-up registration
  • Pre-Event registration with fast check-in QR code
  • Self Check-In Kiosk with Email or QR
  • Real-time attendees Check-in status

Brand Activation

TacNote utilizes latest IoT (Internet-of-Thing) and secure radio-frequency card technologies to provide groundbreaking way to connect brands and their audiences.

  • Provide exhibitors' portal page to boost page impressions
  • Connect audiences with exhitors using innovative on-site Tac'N Go feature
  • Allows brand partners delivering their message more effectively with insightful audience data
  • brand awareness

    Metric Reporting

    Our analytical tools allow organizers and brand partners to gain revolutionary insight, enhancing the experience for all.

    • Data designed to drive return on investment
    • Understand customers' behavior and help partners to deliver concise messages
    • Study on-site impressions and detailed brand analysis

    Social Amplification

    Social media has been popular among brand partners. TacNote provides different level of social engagement, i.e. a true social network to connect people digitally in physical event environment without using smartphones.

    • Share all event experience and excitement seamlessly online without touching your tablet or phones
    • Event photo or activity stream can be seen automatically on attendee timeline. Attendees become your brand ambassador spreading word of mouth for your event on their own social network
    • Profiles with optional social sharing are linked to secure radio-frequency wristband or badge bridging physical event with the digital world

    social ampllication

    Event Marketing

    Simplify every aspects of on-site profiling to gain valuable event insights. Brand partners can deliver message more accurately to their audience

    • Provide email marketing tool for your brand partners
    • Optimize social linking to share out attendees experience during the show

    Lead Management

    Expand your funnel and make sales smoother than ever before. Simply said, attendees no longer need to collect business cards and catalogs on-site. Based on attendees' interest, exhibitors can create better quality leads that convert into customers.

    Feedback Survey

    Incorporate surveys to track the overall effectiveness of your sessions and obtain results immediately. Customize your own survey questions so you can obtain the results valuable to your event. As we know who attended each session, we can provide additional perspectives on session behavioral analytics.

    Tac'N Rate

    Make the event even more interesting with TacNote® highly rated rating system. Without taking out any digital devices, attendees can rate on products or services by tapping their badge.

    Tac'N Vote

    Vote for the hottest or most interesting product during event competition. Brand partners can design theme for competition or campaign, boosting interactiveness of their event. Giant voting wall or projection screen can be used as leaderboard system to view instant results.

    Lucky Draw Quest

    Provide attendees an interactive way to participate lucky draw. Sponsors can define their booth quest route. By completing the quest, attendees will then be qualified for prize drawing.

    Access Control

    Manage access control on-site accurately through secure card enabled entrance gate. Realtime traffic flow can be monitored using TacNote® Cloud user interface.

    Mobile Application

    Allow your attendees to check all their activities. From the activity timeline, attendees can easily connect to brand partners and exhibitors. In addition, products of interest can always be bookmarked for future references.



    • Event Portal
    • Event Promotion
    • Event Registration


    • Self Check-In
    • Track Attendance
    • Brand Activation
    • Lucky Draw Quest
    • Feedback Survey
    • Tac'N Vote
    • Tac'N Rate
    • Access Control


    • Metric Reporting
    • Lead Management
    • Event Marketing

    Use Cases

    • Arena sports and Events
    • Tradeshows
    • Concert Security
    • Street Festivals
    • Summer Camps
    • Tourist Hotspots
    • Musuem
    • Seminars
    • Team Building Events
    • And, your idea here with limitless possibilities